One of those weird projects that took a an unexpected curve at some point and started living their own lives.
First, Jennifer de Felice, who was curating an exhibition in an abandoned factory in Opava invitedme to do some kind of documentation/streaming during the exhibition. At the same time I met John Grzinich- an amazing american (but living everywhere else) artist who was also interested in going to Opava todo :something:. Our common interest in SuperCollider }**link} programming led to Johns friend Julian Rohruber,a programmer and musician who was supposed to help us with creating an installation and came from Berlin to join us. Last but not least was Pavel Kovar  who – as a blacksmith by name and profession – added the final spice to the mix.

We did not know what to expect, and even though the event was marvelous in many ways (living in an abandoned factory in a post industrial city, re-planning until the last second, unexpected unexpectancies ..) there is very little left.
The times were not over documented by digital camares as today – there were few photos, but there is probably no trace of them now.Te output > a very analogue installation by Pavel Kovar and two more virtual ones, supported by a software samplerdubbed “OpavaSynth”, created during preparations.

The recording here is a leftover from the exhibition, recorded in an empty second floor of Opava Karnola factory (now planned to be turned into lofts).

Soundscapes with found objects, voices and microphones.


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September 8, 2002